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Penzion a vinařství Dobrovolný
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Country: Czech Republic
Region: jižní Morava Jihomoravský kraj
Area: Znojemsko
Locality: Nový Šaldorf
GPS: 48°49'33.7"N 16°03'15.7"E

Phone: +420 733 383 226
Mobil: +420 603 889 022

Type of object: Boarding house
Capacity: 28
Number of bedrooms: 13
Category: ***

Price per person and day from: 400 Kč
Price per person and week from: 2800 Kč
Price per person and day from: 16 EUR
Price per person and week from: 112 EUR

Code of object: CZ-444  
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Vinařství a penzion Dobrovolný - levné ubytování Podyjí
Vinařství a penzion Dobrovolný - levné ubytování Podyjí
Vinařství a penzion Dobrovolný - levné ubytování Podyjí
Vinařství a penzion Dobrovolný - levné ubytování Podyjí

Penzion a vinařství Dobrovolný, Nový Šaldorf

Penzion s vinným sklípkem na Znojemsku

The Dobrovolný winery is located in the village of Nový Šaldorf which belongs to the winery area of Znojmo (wine cellars ). The village where you can find more than 200 cellars is situated near the royal town of Znojmo and a National park Podyjí (wine tourism the Znojmo area). The Dobrovolný winery disposes of a large complex of cellar lines carved in the sandstone. The cellar is a part of the Blue cellars complex in Nový Šaldorf and it´s unique because of the fact that it´s carved in the sandstone in the gothic style, while the rest of the cellars are of a Romanian style (wine cellar in the Znojmo area). Today´s functional appearance of the cellar has demanded a great and expensive reconstruction. A pension was built within this reconstruction of the complex (accommodation in pension with a wine cellar the Znojmo area) with the capacity of 28 beds in double rooms with their own sanitary facilities (pension with a winery) offering quality accommodation in Podyjí. Breakfast (open bufet) is arranged on your request (pension with a wine cellar).

The vast premises of the cellar complex offer a total of five sitting rooms, in various capacities. Two smaller groups accommodate up to 15 and 20 guests. The larger ones can accommodate 40 and 50 visitors and the new hall on the ground floor has 120 seats.

The underground premises of the cellar serve for archiving and maturing of wines, excursions and guided degustations are held there, too. The front part is used for technological production of grapes. The first floor offers a comfortable seating. The Dobrovolný winery now uses four cellars (wine cellar with accommodation Znojmo). Three of them are mutually connected and are located under the pension and the seating premises. The fourth one is used as a place for achiving (wine archiving Znojmo). The premises of the underground complex offer five rooms for seating (seating in wine cellar Znojmo). The two smaller are suitable for groups of 15-20 guests, the bigger rooms dispose of the capacity of 40-50 seats. The new saloon in the first floor has a capacity of up to 120 visitors. The full capacity therefore is up to 245 seats (stays in a wine cellar Znojmo).

We offer a cellar tour connected with silent wine tasting as well as tasting archived samples, we also ensure refreshment (alcohol free beverages and some food – cold plates and warm dishes on your order). For special occassions a cold/warm open bufet may be arranged. A repro music is also available or live music on the client´s request (accordeon, a small band or a cimbaloo music), possibly the guests´ own musical production if there are musicians among them. The premises are therefore suitable for various social or corporate events or weddings and wedding receptions, catering and guided wine tasting in Znojmo (corporate events in a wine cellar Znojmo).

The Dobrovolný winery is a base member of the VOC Znojmo alliance.

Vinařství a penzion Dobrovolný - levné ubytování Podyjí
Vinařství a penzion Dobrovolný - levné ubytování Podyjí
Vinařství a penzion Dobrovolný - levné ubytování Podyjí
Vinařství a penzion Dobrovolný - levné ubytování Podyjí
Vinařství a penzion Dobrovolný - levné ubytování Podyjí
Vinařství a penzion Dobrovolný - levné ubytování Podyjí
Vinařství a penzion Dobrovolný - levné ubytování Podyjí
Vinařství a penzion Dobrovolný - levné ubytování Podyjí

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