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Name of service: Lanové centrum PROUD Jeseníky
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Type of service: Free-time activities

Country: Czech Republic
Region: Olomoucký kraj - Olomoucko
Region: Jeseníky - OLK
GPS: 50°1'5.823"N 17°17'10.441"E

Phone: +420 585 225 37
Mobil: +420 605 215 348

Code of service: CB-032
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Lanové centrum PROUD Jeseníky Karlov pod Pradědem
Lanové centrum PROUD Jeseníky Karlov pod Pradědem
Lanové centrum PROUD Jeseníky Karlov pod Pradědem
Lanové centrum PROUD Jeseníky Karlov pod Pradědem

Lanové centrum PROUD Jeseníky, Karlov pod Pradědem

The cable centre is the unique matter of its kind. It supports the movement, helps the concentration, degrades the fear from heights, strenghtens the team work and the trust in the other human being as well. In the Czech Republic there are altogether 9 cable centres, they are open to wide public, schools and companies. Our program can be experienced by small kids, whole families with kids or bigger groups. We guarantee the uncommon experience which you will remenber for a long time and perhaps you will come back.

We have been working in the Czech Republic since the year 2000 and we are the awardee of the mark cable centre PROUD, our programs in the centres has been experienced by more than hundred thousand visitors. Our effort is to develop altogether the quality rear and programs for our clients and ensure the safe run of the areals. All our instructors and expertly trained according to the methodology of the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic. Visit us during your holiday or during your journeys across Czech regions. The net of our centres has been equally distributed not to be far from anywhere.

Lanové centrum PROUD Jeseníky Karlov pod Pradědem
Lanové centrum PROUD Jeseníky Karlov pod Pradědem

Sanatorium EDEL
Dětská léčebna Jeseníky

Sanatorium EDEL is a private children's hospital for respiratory diseases with speleotherapy in Jeseniky, which is located in Zlaté Hory. The basis of the speleotherapy is the use of the microclimate of the underground environment (typically karst caves) and the sanatorium has approximately 1600 m of underground corridors in renovated mine tunnels in 7 km from the site. For corporate customers we have the facilities for lectures and conferences in Jeseníky, we can arrange accommodation and boarding, catering and technical equipment and also visit the speleotherapy - unusual business events in Jeseniky - for these purposes we have a bar with seating in the depth of 93 m below the surface.

Apartmány Na Mýtince
ubytování v apartmánu Jeseník a okolí

The holiday home with apartments is located in the town Jeseník, which provides peace and privacy (accommodation in an apartment Jeseník and surroundings). The city center is a three-kilometer walk away and you will find there restaurants and shopping centers (private accommodation in Jeseník and surroundings). The comfortably furnished holiday house offers accommodation in apartments with kitchen and lounge.

During summer time guests can spend time in the large garden with a seating area, a fireplace, a grill and a trampoline (accommodation with a garden and trampoline Jeseníky). A separate Finnish sauna with relaxing room provides you relaxation whenever you like (accommodation with sauna Jeseník and surroundings). Our guest can cool down in the mountain stream, which flows through the garden next to the forest (stays with sauna Jeseník and surroundings). Fifty meters from the building is a departure to deer farm, where you can feed animals directly from your hand (holiday for families with children Jeseníky). Forests that are located directly behind the building became a favorite place for mushroom pickers (accommodation for mushroom pickers Jeseník and surroundings). You can borrow mushroom dryer from the owner (relaxing holiday Jeseníky). In the surroundings is possible to use artificial playground for the public (accommodation for athletes Jeseník and surroundings). You can play there soccer, floorball, football, volleyball, basketball, tennis in summer and for example ice skating in winter (holidays for athletes Jeseník and surroundings).

Penzion Šafrán
komfortní ubytování v Jeseníky a okolí

 The guest house Šafran

The guest house Šafrán is situated in the village Česká Ves. Česká Ves lies at the northern foothills of Hrubý Jeseník Mountains (the highest mountain is Praděd - 1492 meters above sea level), in the valley of the Bělá river. The famous and neighbour town Jeseník is 13 km away from the border with Poland (active holiday Jeseníky and its surroundings). The valley is lined with wooded hills, which on the northwest side belong to the outskirts of the Rychlebské Mountains.

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