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region: střední Čechy Středočeský kraj
area: Praha a okolí
phone: +420 385 510 192
code: CZ-044
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The Mšené Spa is situated near the town of Roudnice nad Labem. It is a remarkable Czech spa town whose history started 217 years ago. The spa is mainly famous for its specialization in the locomotor treatment since 1796 and nowadays it specializes in the nerves inflammation treatment, postoperative states and spinal diseases (locomotor treatment Prague and its surrounding).Exept for traditional treatment, the spa also offers relaxing weekly and weekend stays for your health. The accommodation is offered in seven reconstructed pavillions which are located in a beautiful valley of the Mšenský creek in the middle of a vast park with a pond (body and mind regeneration Prague and its surrounding).

Praha a okolí
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