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Accommodation lakes Nové Mlýny - hotels - pensions - apartments

Mušov lakes - the reservoir od Nové Mlýny is a set of three lakes, the first of which Mušov and the third one Novomlýnská are used for recreational purposes. The second lake - Věstonická is an ornithological reserve and a part of the Natura 2000 network. Accommodation Nové Mlýny is appreciated especially by fans of water sports, yachting, fishing and swimming. On the southern edge of Mušov lakes the white limestone cliffs of PLA Pálava run out and a slightly undulating landscape is covered with vineyards. Hotels and family pensions at the lakes Nové Mlýny provide good facilities in the heart of one of the most attractive areas of South Moravia transitioning to the Lednicko-Valtický and Mikulov.   continuing...

Brno-venkov Lednicko-valtický areál Pálava a okolí Podluží Slovácko Znojemsko
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