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Name of service: Lodní doprava Quarter
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Type of service: Shipping transport

Country: Czech Republic
Region: střední Čechy Středočeský kraj
Region: Orlická přehrada
GPS: 49°30'45.967"N 14°10'6.894"E

Phone: +420 382 275 333
FAX: +420 382 275 197

Code of service: CB-107
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Lodní doprava Quarter - Orlík nad Vltavou  - přístav
Lodní doprava Quarter
Lodní doprava Quarter
Lodní doprava Quarter - mapka

Lodní doprava Quarter, Orlík nad Vltavou

Do you want to vary your holiday by attractive way or would you like to make a nice one-day trip in the countryside of the middle stream of the river Vltava from the boat perspective? Our company Quarter offers regular shipping transport on the dams Kořensko, Orlík, Kamýk, Slapy and Dalešice. 113 km long distance can offer you beautiful views of this countryside full of hills, slopes and forests. Beautiful natural scene is spiced with many historical sights and technical attractions in addtition.

If you wish to arrange a business, family or social event on one of our boats, we can hire it to you for advantageous prices. You will enjoy the uncommon and nontraditional experience you will remenber for a long time. You can take advantange of one of offered circuits which take you to the most attractive places of a given shipping lane. You will afford you and your kids a small water advanture with the possibility of the insight to the history and the knowledge of natural beauties of the Czech Republic.

Lodní doprava Quarter - Orlická přehrada letecký snímek
Lodní doprava Quarter - Slapská přehrada letecký snímek

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