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Mapa CR
region: Karlovarský kraj - Karlovarsko
area: Ašsko
phone: 354 594 322
mobil: 602 406 922
code: CZ-429
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The pension has been newly built and inspired by a modern classic style of the alpine mountain cottages, including the interiors (accommodation in pension Aš and surrounding). It is located in beautiful nature of the Bílý Halštrov mountain foothills, on the very west of Bohemia, in a small village called Výhledy, neighbouring the nearby German Saxony and Bavaria (accommodation in pension Františkovy lázně and surrounding). Our intention was also to react to the demands on accommodation for golf lovers from a new establishment Golf resort Františkovy lázně and its part in Hazlov Ovčín, which is about two kilometres far from our pension. We have also reacted to the growing cyclo tourism and hiking in the region (stays for tourists the Aš area). The Aš area is a place which has one of the greatest net of marked cyclo routes in the Karlovy Vary region (accommodation of bikers Aš and surrounding).

Ašsko Františkovy Lázně a okolí
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